08 July 2011, Friday, 14:29

Establishment of national horse park in Bashkortostan will spur the region to further progress

author: Ludmila Ternovaya

The chairman of the state business undertakings and tourism committee RB Ruslan Kinzikeev believes that the idea to open a national horse park in the region looks quite promising. It should be noted that some days ago the President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov has reported that such horse park will be admittedly established in the Republic on the base of the Ufa stud-farm and it is expected the park will offer a wide range of entertaining, medicinal and cultural services.

“The idea to establish a national horse park in the Republic has ripen long ago” –Ruslan Kinzikeev said – “Bashkortostan is for many years interesting as the zone, where rafting and horse tourism are widely presented but unfortunately horse tourism is less popular and one of the reasons is the absence of riding experience among people. After the horse park is opened, this drawback can be removed on qualitatively new level. As the head of the tourist administration I see that this project has good potential and good prospects”.

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