07 July 2011, Thursday, 10:13

New rules for the use of water resources to be worked up in Bashkortostan

author: Rasul Khamidullin

The fifth gathering of the Kama pool district council has taken place at the Ministry of nature management and ecology RB. The participants of the gathering were considering the list of actions, financed by the federal exchequer in 2012 and further plans for 2013-2014. The problems of the shortage of water by the example of the last dry year and the problems of water objects protection in the process of human economic activity were raised at the gathering.

Talking about the illegal use of water resources the experts indicated very powerful man-caused impact on practically all water reservoirs today, including the Pavlovskoe water reservoir. At that, as the specialist say, Pavlovskoe water reservoir is still capable of self-healing and it is possible even in case of heavy pollution and at that it is important to avoid the catastrophic crashes of the local ecological system.

The press-service of JSC “BASHKIRENERGO” reports the question concerning elaboration of the rules for the use of water resources on the territory of Kama pool water dept was included into the agenda as a separate point.

“The rules for the use of water resources will be worked up taking the interests of all parties involved into account” — the director of the Pavlovskaya hydroelectric station Amir Sunarchin said – “We also expect that the rules will include the special work mode for the water objects during the dry periods. The document has to be prepared by 2012”.