06 July 2011, Wednesday, 10:45

Ramil Bakhtizin: “The gathering, devoted to innovational development of Bashkortostan, is a remarkable event for the whole Republic”

author: Rasul Khamidullin

The Republican gathering re elaboration of the long-term forecast of scientific-technical development RB “The strategy of development of scientific-innovational activity RB till 2015”, held in the village Pavlovka today, represents a remarkable event for the scientific community of Bashkortostan, as the President of the Academy of Sciences RB Ramil Bakhtizin stated.

According to him the participants of the gathering for the first time tried to consolidate the interests of scientists, administrative and production structures.

“According to the results the participants of the gathering will formulate the aims for us, scientists” – he mentioned – “And perhaps the concept of the strategic development RB will be worked up at the end of the gathering”.