01 July 2011, Friday, 16:24

Foods become cheaper in Bashkortostan

author: Galya Nabieva

The consumer market of the Republic is stabilized and food prices go down every month. The first summer month hasn’t become an exception.

Thus, the cost of one kilogram of fresh cabbage dropped 10 rubles. Now it is equal to 24,66 rubles. The price for one kilogram of cucumbers dropped nearly twice (from 73 to 45 rubles for one kg). One dozen of eggs became three rubles cheaper. Specialists predict seasonal drop of vegetable prices, which is to last till autumn.

Sugar became one ruble cheaper for the last month. Now one kilogram of sugar costs 37,01 rubles.

Beef in June became two rubles more expensive. Now the cost of one kilogram of meat in the Republic on average is equal to 225,99 rubles. Milk prices just started going down now.

Certain reduction of prices is observed on all sorts of main foods, included into the consumer basket, except the prices for potato and carrot.

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