28 June 2011, Tuesday, 18:15

Two Bashkir-American summer camps work in Bashkortostan

author: Alfiya Agliullina

This summer for the first time two Bashkir-American summer camps work in Bashkortostan. Together with schoolchildren of Ufa 10 schoolchildren fr om Salavat participate in work of English summer camp. Such unique possibility to Salavat children was given by the international collective of American-Bashkir inter-college at support of Embassy of the United States of America in Moscow, the Consulate General of the USA in Yekaterinburg and assistance of the Ministry of Education of Bashkortostan Republic, departments of education of Ufa and Salavat cities.

The international educational project is carried out in Bashkortostan for the seventh year. Within the lim its of the given program schoolchildren master colloquial English speech on the basis of effective intercultural educational modules, and have a rest in camp specially organised for them in the summer. The important  component of curriculum of summer school of English language is participation in its work of teachers-native speakers from the Great Britain and the USA.

It is necessary to mark that participants of the project become owners of the international certificates who equate them to numerous graduates of the international educational programs of the USA all over the world.

themes: summer camps