27 June 2011, Monday, 14:25

Businessmen give a positive estimation to electronic auctions in the construction sphere

author: Luboth Kolokolova

In June this year the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS of Russia) held an interrogation among businessmen in the construction sphere in which 2132 building organisations took part.

According to the press-service of Antimonopoly Service of the country, results of interrogation showed: 59 % of businessmen are sure that electronic auctions expand possibilities of participation in orders for construction; 21 % believe that possibilities are reduced, and 20 % consider that introduction of electronic auctions do not change the developed situation.

Decrease in the level of corruption in the sphere of construction, reconstruction, capital and operating repairs is marked by 51 % of businessmen, 42 % continue to consider that the situation is not changed, and 7 % of representatives of small-scale business believe that there is an increase in the level of corruption.

That is characteristic that 61 % of the building companies which took part in the interrogation, support electronic auctions in the construction sphere, and according to FAS of Russia, it testifies the right course of development of the state order reform.