21 June 2011, Tuesday, 12:41

56 forest fires from the beginning of year are registered in Bashkortostan

author: Galina Bakhshieva

The thunder-storm became the reason of two last forest fires which happened one of these days in Beloretsky and Zilairsky regions of the republic.

— In the Avzyansky forestry of Beloretsky region the fire was revealed in the evening on June 17. It was localised the next day. In the Zilairsky forestry the fire was detected and localised during one day — June 19. The fire area at detection made one and a half hectare in Avzjansky and 0,6 hectares in Zilairsky forestries.

At present 56 forest fires are registered in Bashkortostan from the beginning of the year. The total area of the forest land suffered from fire makes 381 hectares today. The material damage inflicted to the forest fund of our republic equals approximately to 200 thousand roubles.

From 56 forest fires which happened in the region this year, 26 occurred because of careless handling of fire by people. One occurred at the lumbering operation site, four – as a result of agricultural burnings, three – from a lightning discharge. The reason of others is not found out yet.

For comparison: one year ago during the same time 168 forest fires were registered in Bashkortostan.

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