16 June 2011, Thursday, 15:51

3,2 million hectares will be sowed in Bashkortostan

author: Eugeniy Rakhimkulov

The total areas under crops will make in 2011 3,2 million hectares in Bashkortostan that is for 100 thousand hectares more than in 2010. Nikolay Kovalenko, the first deputy of the Minister of Agriculture of the republic said about it at the session of the State Assembly– Kurultay РБ.

The main part of areas under crops is occupied by cereal crops. They will be sowed on the total area of more than 1,8 million hectares. Also taking into account serious consequences of the last year drought the increase in short-rain crops areas for spring sowing is provided. Thus about 20 thousand tons of seeds it is delivered from other regions.

The spring sowing, according to Nikolay Kovalenko, made two million hectares this year. Grain crops were sowed at 1,15 million hectares, sugar beet – 63 thousand hectares, sunflower – 230 thousand, potato and vegetables – 110 thousand hectares.

themes: agriculture