08 June 2011, Wednesday, 17:27

Bashkortostan is on the first place on share of profitable enterprises

author: Alfiya Sharafutdinova

The share of profitable enterprises in Bashkortostan is more than in any other subject of the Russian Federation. According to the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation, in the first quarter of the current year 75,1 percent of the republican organisations worked with profit. Moscow is on the second place with an indicator of 68,2 percent. This figure makes 61,4 percent on average across Russia.

Such data are contained in the report of the Ministry of Regional Development concerning the situation in economy, finance, banking and social spheres of subjects of the Russian Federation from January till April, 2011.

Each region was estimated from the point of view of situation in the real sector of economy, investment appeal, level of income and degree of employment of the population, the status of budgetary system.

Considerable growth of investments into capital assets and unemployment decrease can be possibly related to positive all-Russian tendencies. At the same time decrease in volumes of housing construction, growth rate reduction of real monetary incomes and budget incomes are marked.