07 June 2011, Tuesday, 13:05

1100 drunken drivers escaped punishment in Ufa

author: Eugeniy Rakhimkulov

About 1100 drunken drivers escaped punishment in Ufa for the first five months of the current year. These people were not lifted driving licences and they continue to move freely in the streets. The problem was raised by the head of the city Paul Kachkaev at the active meeting in the Ufa city administration.

Ilgiz Sadykov, the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs of Ufa told Paul Kachkaev that from January till May this year more than 2,8 thousand drunken drivers were caught on the roads of Ufa. However only 1,7 thousand from them were lifted licenses. Approximately 1100 people remained unpunished. Ilgiz Sadykov explained that such situation occurred because of the fact that when justices of peace physically could not cope to consider all cases about administrative violation on such facts, a part of them was automatically cancelled.

Paul Kachkaev considered necessary to struggle with such situation and suggested to use actively mass-media for this purpose.

— Otherwise the drivers, who once escaped responsibility, would again and again get into a car drunken, — he thinks.

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