02 June 2011, Thursday, 16:02

“Salavat Yulayev” Ice Hockey Club is recommended to hold revision

author: Bashinform News Agency

Today the session of the supervisory board of the Salavat Yulaev Ice-Hockey Club took place where the issues were considered connected with increase of openness and publicity in the policy pursued by the club.

The session was conducted in practical and quiet atmosphere, on its results the decision was made to recommend the board of the Salavat Yulaev Ice-Hockey Club to organise the revision of financial and economic activity of the club with attraction of the Revision Committee of the club and an independent auditor.

Besides the members of the Supervisory Board, the Deputy Prime minister of Government RB Vladimir Balabanov, the Adviser to the President of Bashkortostan Republic Nikolay Kurapov, General Director of the Salavat Yulaev Ice-Hockey Club Vadim Rybinsky, the General Director of the Charitable Fund "Ural" Yusup Mirsaitov took part in the session. The session was held by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board Konstantin Tolkachev.

themes: ice hockey