02 June 2011, Thursday, 15:23

Rustem Khamitov told “Izvestia” newspaper about large investment projects in Bashkortostan

author: Bashinform News Agency

The article by Rustem Khamitov, the President of Bashkortostan under the name «New impulse of development» is published in the “Izvestia” newspaper. The head of the republic represents in it several large, attractive investment projects realised in Bashkortostan. In particular, the project on creation of industrial technology park where manufacture of the innovative equipment will be developed. «The corresponding agreement is signed between the government of Bashkortostan and JSC "RusHydro" on February 11, this year, — it is said in the article of Rustem Khamitov. — The technopark should be located near Ufa on the area of 68 hectares. The key place in it will be occupied by the plant of hydraulic engineering and electrotechnical equipment manufacture in which creation it is supposed also to engage the known French company Alstom. It is planned to produce turbines for water-power engineering at the plant. The enterprise plans to issue its first production in 2013. Also residents of various companies will be located in the technopark; research in the field of power effective ¬ technologies to be held there».

The full text of the article in the "Izvestia" newspaper you can find on the official site of the President of Bashkortostan: