27 May 2011, Friday, 16:22

Alexander Korsik:”Fuel prices in Bashkortostan are quite reasonable”

author: Rasul Hamidullin

The benzene prices, set in Bashkortostan by JSC “BASHNEFT”, are quite reasonable. The President of the company Alexander Korsik stated about that, talking to the journalists at the international forum “Big Chemistry”.

“The rise of benzene prices is occurring all over the world today and determined by the general rise of oil prices” – he said – “BASHNEFT” keeps everything in order. Moreover, though we are a market company, we take the wishes of the state structures into account to keep the situation stable”.

As he said, the prices for the diesel fuel, delivered for Novosibirsk, are by 30% lower than the market price and this is the deliberate loss of the company and the successful sowing campaign is in many respects explained by the discounts for fuel, fixed by “BASHNEFT”.

themes: benzene, prices