26 May 2011, Thursday, 15:58

Alexander Goncharuk: “I am certain that “Big Chemistry” will become regular”

author: Rasul Hamidullin

The President of JSC “BASHNEFT” Alexander Goncharuk mentioned at the plenary session of the international forum “Big Chemistry” that it wasn’t accidentally that the forum was held in Ufa since the biggest oil-chemical enterprises of the country concentrated here.

“I am certain the forum will become regular and the number and geography of its participants will go up too” – he stated. He also said that JSC “BASHNEFT” would always support such beginnings.

“The main aim of our forum is the laborious activity on improvement of the investment climate in Russia, including Republic of Bashkortostan. This problem needs thorough and everyday work” – he underscored – “We have to make the Bashkir land absolutely acceptable for business and when we make the necessary infrastructure, gathering the best minds and ideas here, the words “innovations, “nanotechnologies” and “clusters” will be filled with real sense”.