25 May 2011, Wednesday, 16:58

The mechanism for determination of priorities in innovational development is approved in Bashkortostan

author: news agency "Bashinform"

The Government RB approved the mechanism for determination of priorities in scientific-technical and innovational development of the Republic and the list of critical technologies.

The corresponding decree is signed by the Prime-Minister of the Government RB Azamat Ilimbetov.

The document determines three stages of determination and correction: from elaboration of the long-term forecast to approval by the Government. The document also sets the order of the procedures for forming and correction of prior directions and critical technologies.

Special role should be paid to elaboration of the long-term forecast, made on the base of the analysis of the tendencies in the world scientific-technical and technological development and on the base of evaluation of the competitive abilities RB in Russian Federation and in the global markets.

Besides, the long-term forecast includes the list of the prior needs of the Republic in scientific and technical achievements, coming from the strategic goals of social-economic development, the availability of natural, financial, material and human resources as well as of scientific-technical and technological potentials.

The staff of the prior directions and the list of the critical technologies will be corrected at least once a year, taking the changes, occurring in scientific-technical and innovational spheres into account.

The control over execution of the decree is imposed on the Vice-Premier Marat Mulukov, the press-service of the Government RB reports.