24 May 2011, Tuesday, 16:01

IT-specialists and engineers are the most demanded professions in Bashkortostan

author: Galina Bakhshieva

The surplus of financiers, book-keepers and jurists with zero experience is observed in Bashkortostan as well as in other Russian regions, together with practically all designer professions, including computer design, librarians and social workers. At the same time IT-specialists and engineers stably hold leadership in the list of the most demanded professions.

“Everything related to maintenance, doctoring and to everything needed in everyday life meet rather high demand today. But such workplaces can be rarely met in the lists of our vacancies” – the head of the State Employment Service professional orientation and psychological support department Eudokia Shestopalova said – “Besides, we thoroughly study the rates of the specialties, offered by the Republican employment agencies, since they are informed quite well of the situation in the labor market. According to their information specialists in logistics are again highly demanded today”.

If talking about the most demanded work professions, at present time this is either non-qualified labor or the spheres, where high labor fluidity is observed – maintenance workers and drivers.

As for the employers, they very cautiously treat the graduates of the non-state education institutions and on the contrary those, who graduate the Ufa State Oil Technical University, the Bashkir State University, the Ufa State Aviation Technical University and the Bashkir State Agrarian University, are still highly thought of.

themes: employment