24 May 2011, Tuesday, 11:39

Three multi-millionaires and 6,5 thousand millionaires live in Bashkortostan at present time

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

The present declaration campaign has found out three multi-millionaires in Bashkortostan. Its preliminary results were announced by the Republican Federal Tax Service Dept.

“Three tax-payers have declared the incomes more than one billion rubles and now they have to pay more than 45 million rubles to the budget” – the Dept’s press-service reported.

In a whole more than 6,5 thousand people have declared the incomes, exceeding more than 1 million rubles. At that the main mass – more than 6200 tax-payers – have become richer for the sums from one to ten million rubles. 307 people have declared incomes at the rate of 10-100 million rubles and 32 – 100-500 million. Other five nearly reached the first three of the multi-millionaires: their annual income made up 500 million – 1 billon rubles.

It should be noted that after the crisis the number of millionaires in the Republic has reduced nearly twice. In 2007 there were about 12 thousand people. The number of multi-millionaires also went down: in 2007 12 tax-payers declared the incomes with nine zeroes in Bashkortostan.