23 May 2011, Monday, 22:34

Rustem Khamitov has held “direct line” with citizens of Bashkortostan

author: Sergey Zakharov

On May 23 the President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov has communicated with the citizens RB in “BST” live broadcast. The “direct line” has taken slightly more than two hours. The movable TV-cams connected Ufa with the village Yazykovo in Blagovarsky region of Bashkortostan and with the town of Sibay. The citizens of these two settlements had a chance to ask any problematic questions. The students of Ufa institutes also might question the President. In the course of the communication more than 300 questions entered the address of the President RB. The journalists in the call-center also received calls and messages. The lion’s share of the questions was connected with the problems with housing and kindergartens, payment of salaries, the care of the older generation, health protection, education, housing and communal services, agriculture, culture and sport spheres.

Citizens of other Russian regions also questioned the President RB.