23 May 2011, Monday, 13:55

The President of Bashkortostan will answer the questions of citizens RB in live broadcast

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov will meet with the citizens RB in live broadcast by the “Bashkir Satellite TV” and will answer their questions.

The “direct line” will take place on May 23 between 19 and 21 o’clock. The movable TV-cams will connect Ufa with Blagovar and Sibay. The dialogue will be also broadcasted by the radio-station “Sputnik FM”. The reception of questions for Rustem Khamitov is going on “BST” official site http://tv-rb.ru.

Such communication of the President RB with the population becomes traditional. In August 2010 Rustem Khamitov has met with the citizens of the Republic in the special TV-program “Presidential Hour”. That time the citizens of Ufa and Alsheevsky region as well as the journalists in the studio might question the President RB. The lion’s share of the questions was related to housing, jobs and salaries, health protection and the sphere of housing and communal services. In conclusion of the first live meeting the President has said that such TV-bridges will become regular in the future.