23 May 2011, Monday, 10:07

New 10-ruble coin is issued in Russia

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

A new memorable coin is issued in Russia today. On May 23 the Central Bank of Russia is putting the 10-ruble coin fr om the series “The cities of martial fame”, devoted to the city of Belgorod, in circulation, as the Central Bank’s external and public relations dept reports.

The coin with 22 millimeters in diameter is made of non-precious metal of yellow color and its circulation is 19 million pieces. The emblem of the Bank of Russia is found on the right side and the emblem of Belgorod – on the back side.

“The coin is a legal means for cash payments on the whole territory of Russian Federation with no lim itations” – said on the official site of the Central Bank of Russia.