19 May 2011, Thursday, 19:42

Religious activists RB stand for toughening of penalties for violators of traffic rules

author: Timur Rakhmatullin

The chairman of the Central Clerical Muslim Dept of Russia, the Supreme Mufti Talgat Tadjuddin, the chief rabbi of Bashkortostan and Ufa Dan Kritchevsky and the business-manager of Ufa eparchy Valerie Kulinitch told about the necessity to toughen penalties for violations of traffic rules at today’s press-conference in the news agency “Bashinform”, devoted to “The decade of traffic safety actions”.

“It is necessary to toughen the penalties and increase the fines for violation of the traffic rules” – Talgat Tadjuddin stated – “One of Ufa imams hurried to opening of one of the mosques and forgot to fasten his safety belt after refueling. He fell off from the road to the ditch and died. The more severe the traffic rules, the more lives we will be able to preserve. Even if we save just one live, we do a godly work”.

“If a man pays a fine, comparable with his salary, he will think, is it worth to violate the traffic rules next time” – Dan Kritchevsky said – “We have to educate our parish in order to avoid the traffic accidents on our roads”.