19 May 2011, Thursday, 14:44

Bashkir deputies lower transport tax

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

Car-owners of Bashkortostan will save on the transport tax. The alteration of the existing law has been approved at today’s gathering of the State Council RB. According to the approved amendments one horsepower in the Republic has become cheaper fr om 7,5 rubles to 5,5. This novelty is spread on the natural persons – the owners of one car with the engine capacity less than 100 horsepower inclusive, i.e. on more than 70% of the Republican car-owners. The tax burden will be reduced by approximately one fourth for them. Now the document has to be signed by the President of Bashkortostan, who was the initiator of this tax reduction.

It should be noted that the transport tax is a regional tax, which enters the Republican budget in full volume. The regional authorities are righteous to fix the value of this tax self-dependently within the lim its, outlined by the federal legislation.

themes: taxes, laws