19 May 2011, Thursday, 11:23

Pilgrims from Ufa left for Italy to see Nicholas the Wonder-Worker

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The group of Christian believers from Ufa left for Italy. In the city of Bari they intend to take part in the liturgy on the remains of Nicholas the Wonder-Worker in the day of his memory on May 22. The trip is organized by the Ufa eparchy’s pilgrimage service. During the trip the pilgrims also may visit other Christian holy places in Rome.

The Ufa eparchy’s pilgrimage service works for already several years and thanks to it the Christian believers may visit the holy places in our Republic, other Russian regions, in Ukraine and foreign countries.

Nicholas the Wonder-Worker is deeply respected by the representatives of all directions in Christianity. In Russia he was one of the most popular saints from the very ancient times, so even the people, who have little in common with the church, knew much about him.

There are two days of his memory – December 19 and May 22 but along with these special holidays the memory of the saint is marked by the church every Thursday and his name is often pronounced during the services other days of the week too.

themes: religion