18 May 2011, Wednesday, 16:44

The Weeks of national cultures started in the town of Tuimazy

author: Musavir Kamaletdinov

Within the frames of the Year for consolidation of international concord the Weeks of national cultures started in the town of Tuimazy, Bashkortostan. The Weeks will last till the end of October.

The Week of Bashkir culture opened the series of national festivals on Monday. The celebrity on this occasion has taken place in the regional culture palace “RODINA” with the participation of local poets, painters, teachers of language and literature, representatives of the municipal administration, enterprises, organizations and institutions.

The program of the Week is rather rich: various scientific-practical conferences, the quiz “Literary Bashkortostan”, the festival “SHATLYK”, contests of pupils’ art works, exhibitions of Bashkir national arts and crafts, the exhibition of books, published by “KITAP”, fairs of Bashkir cookery, national sport competitions etc.

The final action of the Week of Bashkir culture will be held in the end of this week. The Week of Tatar culture will start in June and the Week of Russian culture – in August. During the next months the citizens of Tuimazy and their guests will get a chance to learn culture and art of other six nationalities, which together with the abovementioned ones shape the major part of population in the town of Tuimazy and in Tuimazinsky region RB.