18 May 2011, Wednesday, 14:21

The VIII international congress “Russian Family” to be held in Ufa

author: Elmira Sabirova

The VIII international congress “Russian Family” will be held in Ufa on May 18-20. The theme of the forum is “Family and demography: social potential for development of international concord”. Representatives of more than 40 Russian regions, CIS and foreign countries will discuss the peculiarities and prospects of family policy in multinational and multi-religious society.

As the director of Ufa division of the Russian State Social University Rustem Akhmadinurov said, the international family congress is held in Russia since 2002 and every forum is devoted to definite theme. Thus, the problems of young families fr om the point of view of regional family policy were under discussion in Moscow.

The problems of spiritual and moral youth education and national family traditions were under discussion in Ryazan in 2009. Traditions and innovations of family pedagogics were discussed in 2010 in Kursk.

“Taking the fact that 2011 is announced the Year for consolidation of international concord in Bashkortostan into account the steering committee has come out with the initiative to hold the VIII congress in our Republic” – Rustem Akhmadinurov said – “Moreover the region, wh ere representatives of more than 100 nationalities live side by side, accumulated serious experience in sphere of family support, which usage can be quite actual in other Russian regions, CIS and foreign countries”.