17 May 2011, Tuesday, 16:13

The World Day of struggle with hypertension is marked on May 17

author: Alfia Agliullina

The World Day of struggle with the “silent killer” – hypertension is marked on Tuesday in all countries. Almost one third of population suffers from hypertension in Russia.

The World Day is established by the World League of struggle with hypertension with the assistance of the World Health Organization and held since 2005. Its main goal is attraction of population’s attention to prevention of the diseases, caused by high arterial pressurem, and spreading of the information about prophylactics and treatment of such diseases.

The occurrence of this disease is extremely great. Seven million people die every year in the world and 15 million suffer from high arterial pressure or hypertension. This is the most essential risk factor all over the world.

In Russia cardiovascular centers and primary cardiovascular wards with all necessary equipment were opened in Russia in 2008 within the frames of the top priority national project “Health” in order to improve medical aid for the patients, suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

The Republican goal-oriented program “Arterial hypertension in 2009-2013” is successfully realized in Republic of Bashkortostan.