13 May 2011, Friday, 16:21

Polish delegation will visit Saitbaba

author: Timur Rakhmatullin

On May 15 the delegation from Poland will have a meeting with the employees of the Bashkir historical-cultural center “Saitbaba” in the village Saitbaba, Gafuriisky region RB, within the frames of the Days of Slavic literature and culture. The Polish delegation, consisting of eight guests, will be headed by the chairman of the center of Polish culture and enlightenment Marina-Sadykova-Lisovskaya.

As the head of the Bashkir historical-cultural center “Saitbaba” Razim Mavletkulov reports, first the guests will watch the places of interest in Gafuriisky region. The folklore band “ASANAY” will meet the delegation in Saitbaba. The Poles will see the exhibits of the local museum, the photo-gallery, the village library and the school.

The folk festival “KARGA BUDKA” (“Crown Porridge”) will become the completion of the meeting. The Bashkir jurt with the national foods and the exhibition of national Bashkir clothing will be installed on the meadow near the village.