12 May 2011, Thursday, 18:05

Spring crops sowing in Bashkortostan will be completed on May 20

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

Spring crops are sowed on the half of the lands, allocated for that, in Bashkortostan and the rest of the areas will be sowed in the nearest seven-eight days.

“We have to complete the sowing of early spring crops before May 20. The deadline is May 25” – the Vice-Premier of the Government RB, the Minister of agriculture RB Ernst Isaev said.

“Now the time is quite optimal for sowing” – the head of the Bashkir Hydrometeorology and Environment Monitoring Agency Uri Ferapontov said – “The productive moisture is normal, after May 16 the temperature will rise and the amount of atmospheric precipitates will go down. In a whole the average temperature in May is expected slightly higher than usually”.

themes: agriculture