12 May 2011, Thursday, 14:43

Republican authorities think isn’t it high time to make drug addicts responsible for drug use

author: Olga Murtazina

The President of Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev suggested that the functionaries as well as the society should think isn’t it would be expedient to introduce responsibility for drug consumption. Introduction of obligatory drug tests for pupils in Bashkortostan can be regarded as the first step in this direction. But as soon as the federal legislation doesn’t presume obligatory drug tests, all teenagers as well as their parents have to give written consent to such procedure. As the Republican Office of Public Prosecutor reports, its employees work in the staff of the interdepartmental workgroup, also including the representatives of Drug Control, the Ministry of internal affairs, FSS, custom-house, the Ministry of health protection RB, the Ministry of education RB and the Ministry of youth policy and sport RB. The specialists prepare the proposals on alteration of the federal law to make the order of drug testing simpler.

“Drug tests should come out as a constraint” – the chief of the Federal Drug Circulation Control Service in RB Valerie Kokin says – “We don’t t take part in this procedure and the pupils are tested by experts in narcology and pedagogues with obligatory observation of medical secrecy. It’s better to discover drug usage on the early stage. When somebody become a drug addict, it is much more difficult to return him to the society”.