11 May 2011, Wednesday, 14:22

Grain-growers from Chekmagushevsky region have finished grain sowing

author: Galya Nabieva

The agrarians from Chekmagushevsky region of Bashkortostan have become the first, who have finished the spring sowing of grain and grain-leguminous cultures in the Republic. Grains are sowed on the area 22500 hectares. Now the grain-growers go on sowing technical crops.

“Sunflower occupies already 2100 hectares” – the chief agronomist of the region Aidar Dautov says – “I.e. now we have 60% of the plan. Sowing of sugar-beet and corn is running at full speed. If the weather conditions remain favorable, as now, we have to complete all spring sowing works in the nearest ten days”.