06 May 2011, Friday, 14:37

“GOSTINY DVOR” has honored the memory of veterans

author: Rasul Hamidullin

“The Ally of Memory” has been laid yesterday in the territory of the Ufa trade-entertaining center “GOSTINY DVOR”. The action is dated to the Victory Day celebration and was organized by the managing company “Arcade”, Ufa city council of veterans of war and labor and by the Association social policy managers, Veterans of war and labor, honorable citizens and VIP-guests.

“This event looks deeply symbolical” – the director of the company “Arcada” Vitally Pilipchuk said – “We are happy that the “Alley of Memory” received wide response and support of the city authority. This action is not a one-time and we are going to continue such actions in the future”.

themes: Victory Day