26 April 2011, Tuesday, 18:25

Languages of Bashkortostan’s nations will receive state support

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The support of aboriginal languages in Bashkortostan will reach new level. The deputy Prime-Minister of the Government RB, the head of the Governmental Machinery RB Ilshat Tajitdinov reported about it at the first meeting of the governmental commission on realization of the Republican law “The languages of the nations RB”.

The law is observed during already 12 years and much has been done for development of national literature, culture and book publishing for this period of time. Thus, children are educated in Bashkir, Tatar, Chuvash, Mari and Udmurt languages at more than ten kindergartens RB. Magazines and newspapers are published in many languages RB and TV-broadcasting is organized in Bashkir and Russian languages. At the same time many problems still can be found in this sphere and it is evident that some legal acts on preservation and development of the Republican languages have to be revised.

In the nearest future the commission has to work up the Republican goal-oriented program for preservation, study and development of the aboriginal languages RB in 2012-2016. The weak and strong aspects of already existing program as well as positive foreign and Russian experience will be taken into account.

As Ilshat Tajitdinov said, the meetings of the commission will be held at least once half a year with the use of modern telecommunication technologies. For example, the next meeting will be held in video-conference mode. The activity of the commission should be maximally transparent for wide public.