25 April 2011, Monday, 15:28

Ernst Isaev: “Bashkortostan will make insurance grain fund”

author: Galya Nabieva

“We are going to make the insurance grain fund at the Republican grain elevators in 2011” – The Vice-Premier of the Government RB, the Minister of agriculture RB Ernst Isaev said on April 25 during the “Interfax” press-conference – “We will acquire grain from local produces and store it irrespective of the intervention policy of Russia. We must have our own reserves”.

The Minister of agriculture RB has announced the grain harvest forecasts in 2011. In the structure of sowing areas grain cultures will occupy 1 million 850 thousand hectares together with the winter crops. Everything depends on the crop capacity.

“Three million tons of grain is the minimal level we have to get in 2011 but we’ll undertake all necessary steps to increase the crop capacity of our grain cultures” – Ernst Isaev stated – “The average grain crop capacity has to be at least 22-23 centners from one hectare”.