21 April 2011, Thursday, 20:05

UMPO has demonstrated nano-projects to Anatoly Chubais

author: Galina Bakhshieva

The President of JSC “ROSNANO” Anatoly Chubais has visited Ufa Engine Plant (UMPO) on Thursday, April 21. The “UMPO” General Director Alexander Artukhov has demonstrated the plant’s innovational projects to him.

The first project, approved by “ROSNANO” in December 2009, is related to designing and inculcation of the technology on production of heat-resistant coatings, including the nanostructural coatings for the aviation engines’ joints and on equipment for oil-gas industry and machine-building.

The second project, already positively estimated by the independent experts, presumes the use of nanomaterials for production of the details for gas-turbine engines. New materials allow lowering the weight of the wares and increasing their lifetime.

In the course of the visit Anatoly Chubais has also inspected the plant’s assembly and the test shops and the departments of sputtering and linear friction welding.

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