21 April 2011, Thursday, 14:38

Citizens of several settlements in Bashkiria suffer from shortage of drinkable water

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

Citizens of several settlements RB suffer from either shortage or low quality of drinkable water, as the ombudsman for human rights RB Rim Kaumov reported today.

“Underground waters are the most important source of drinkable water supply in the Republic” – he said – “and high concentration of such components as iron and manganese is peculiar for drinkable waters in many towns and regions RB. Pollution of underground waters as a result of economic activity and unsatisfactory state of water pipes and treatment facilities are the main reasons of low quality of water”.

Some villagers in Bashkortostan are absolutely deprived of permanent access to drinkable water. Thus, the residents of one of the villages in Tuimazinsky region RB have no drinkable water during more than 20 years. The water is delivered for them two-three times a week. More than 100 people live in this village.