20 April 2011, Wednesday, 14:50

Students in Sterlitamac study Chinese language and on friendly terms with Japanese thinker

author: Anisa Abdullina

14 certificates on finishing the Chinese language training courses will be solemnly presented at the Bashkir State University’s Sterlitamac division on April 22. For the third year the students have an opportunity to study Chinese language here, in Sterlitamac.

The University’s division successfully works according to the international programs jointly with the leading University. Its representatives have visited China in July 2010. The training program included studying Chinese language at Liaoning Technological University.

Besides, the University’s division is in correspondence with the prominent Japanese thinker Daisaku Ikeda, with the society “Soka Gakkai International” (SGI), established by him, and with the University “Soka”.

Daisaku Ikeda has presented his books in Russian language to the University and offered to discuss possible prospects of cooperation. On April 15 70 books have been handled to the rector of the University Akhat Mustafin.