20 April 2011, Wednesday, 11:51

Bashkortostan will receive more than 2,5 billion rubles from federal budget for road-building

author: news agency "Bashinform"

Bashkortostan will receive 2,583 billion rubles from the federal exchequer for road-building and road-reconstruction in 2011.

2,316 billion rubles – the lion’s share of the means – will be obtained in accordance with the federal goal-oriented program “Development of Russian transport system in 2010-2015”. 305 million of this sum is meant for development of the sub-program “Civil Aviation”. More than 2,01 billion rubles is planned to allocate for realization of the sub-program “Motor-car roads”.

Besides, Bashkortostan has to receive 2,4 billion rubles according to the federal goal-oriented program “Modernization of the Russian air traffic system in 2009-2015”. This money will be spent for reconstruction and technical rearmament of the air traffic control center, radio-technical flight provision and electrical communication at the Ufa airport.

Other 265 million rubles will be allocated for the Republic for widening of the streets in Ufa according to the “United Russia” program “New Roads of Russia”.

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