19 April 2011, Tuesday, 14:37

Ufa authorities fail to defeat underground casinos

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

Ufa authorities fail to defeat underground gaming industry. This problem was raised at the last operative meeting in Ufa administration.

As the Ufa Mayor Paul Kachkaev said, seven gaming clubs have been closed in Ufa for the last week but at the same time six resumed underground activity. So the score is minus one.

At present time the majority of such clubs function on the territory of Ufa Kalininsky district – 15, four clubs work in Demsky district and 7-11 casinos function in other Ufa districts. In opinion of Paul Kachkaev this struggle reminds of “the war with the windmills”. As he says, the responsibility for activity of such clubs lies first of all on the heads of the city districts and citizens of Ufa even started to place the information to what addresses these clubs were located in internet in order to help the authorities. But this activity still stands on the dead end.

The problem of underground gaming business is peculiar not only for the capital of Bashkiria but also for many other Russian regions. According to the instructions of the Russian Attorney-General Uri Chaika wide-scaled checks run in Moscow, Samara, Sverdlovsk regions, in Dagestan and in Stavropol region now.

According to the Russian law the prohibition on organization of gambling industry on the whole territory of Russia, except four special zones – on Maritime territory, in Altai and Kaliningrad regions and on the border between Krasnodar and Rostov regions – has come into force still on July 1, 2009. But the federal authority still fails to get 100% execution of this law on Russian territory.