18 April 2011, Monday, 14:51

Bashkiria will be engaged in reproduction of fish

author: Galina Bakhshieva

Reproduction of fish in natural reservoirs will start in Bashkiria soon. The projecting of the enterprise for growing the hatchlings of catfish, pike and pike perch is already running in the Republic.

“The special scientific investigation has been made and this investigation supplies us with the exact picture what number of fish on every sort we have to reproduce every year. The enterprise for the hatchling growing will be erected coming fr om these volumes” – the head of fauna protection under the Ministry of nature management and ecology RB Ildus Yakhin says to “Bashinform”.

Now it is still unknown wh ere exactly this enterprise will be located. And the only thing we know that the enterprise will be constructed on the place, suitable for transportation of hatchlings to any point of the Republic

themes: fish farming