14 April 2011, Thursday, 9:45

UMPO and UGATU go on working over new technologies

author: Lubov Kolokolova

The cooperation between JSC “Ufa Engine Plant” (UMPO) and the Ufa State Aviation Technical University (UGATU) goes on developing. In the end of March 2010 the Ministry of education and science RF has approved further financing of their joint project, oriented towards designing of the technology and industrial production of the assembly units and blades for the new aviation engines. The project has received the right for the Ministry’s grant in 2010.

At present time the design study of the documentation for the prototypes of the wears is ready, the parties have made the patent analysis of the technologies for linear friction welding, isothermal punching, superplastic modelling and diffusion welding.

The results of the first stage are estimated positively by both parties: the patenting of some designs is expected already this year. Besides, certification of the material with the small-grained structure, obtained by the specialists of UMPO, UGATU and the Belgorod State University is also planned on this year. The material is made of the titanium alloy and meant for production of the blades.