13 April 2011, Wednesday, 11:09

355 thousand tons of harmful substances have been vented to Ufa atmosphere

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

355 thousand tons of harmful substances have been discharged to Ufa atmosphere in 2010, the head of Ufa administration ecology and environment department Daniel Klementiev reported today.

About 700 productions exert influence upon the state of Ufa atmosphere and first of all these are the oil refineries and electrical power-engineering enterprises – their share in discharge of harmful substances to atmosphere makes up 73% and 17% correspondingly.

Motor-car transport also badly affects the atmosphere in the city. In 2010 it has discharged 220 thousand tons of harmful substances to the air.

As Daniel Klementiev reported, in order to minimize the negative influence of motor-car transport upon the ecological situation in Ufa the city authority encourages the use of alternative fuels, mainly gas, widens the streets and acquires the city buses of “Euro-3” standard to make the transport exhausts cleaner.