12 April 2011, Tuesday, 15:29

Shavkat Avyasov: “Ufa is the first Muslim center of Russia”

author: Timur Rakhmatullin

The chairman of the all-Russian public movement “Russian Islamic heritage” and of the Islamic Center of Russian religious organizations Shavkat Avyasov intends to raise the role of Ufa as the Russian Islamic center.

“Ufa is the first Islamic center in Russia” – he said to the news agency “Bashinform” – “And my opinion is that the role of this center should be increased. Here the intellectual Muslim forces are concentrated. Close dislocation of Tatarstan is also rather important factor. The role of Ufa in development of Islam in Russia is still high and I’m going to popularize this fact. If we just sit, twiddling our thumbs, we’ll see no progress, so we hold such conference and gather our people, but there those, who tried to hamper such beginnings and this is not Muslim approach. I am interested in work of the mosque “IKHLAS” and on the example of this mosque’s activity we show what way other Muslim organizations should follow. Thanks to well-coordinated work this mosque has much to show and this experience should be adopted by other Muslim organizations”.

themes: religion