12 April 2011, Tuesday, 10:20

Deposit rates reached annual maximum

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

The deposit rates reached the maximal values since the beginning of the year. Their limit of size in the first half of April in the biggest Russian banks was registered on the level of 8,30%. The matter is the population’s ruble deposits and ten biggest Russian banks, attracting the largest amount of natural persons’ deposits have been monitored, the Central Bank of Russia reports. This list includes the Russian Savings Bank, VTB 24, the Bank of Moscow, REIFFEIZENBANK, GASPROMBANK, ROSBANK, Alpha-Bank, URALSIB, MDM Bank and ROSSELKHOZBANK.

In March the banks attracted money maximally under 8,13% of interest per annum, in February this figure was equal to 8,10% and in the first half of January – 8,25%.

themes: banks, deposits