11 April 2011, Monday, 16:06

Republican budget will spend 500 million rubles for traffic police technical reequipping

author: Olga Murtazina

Every police car and every unmounted traffic police inspector will be equipped with the video-registering units in 2011 and in opinion of the head of the Bashkir traffic police Dinar Gilmutdinov it will become a substantial obstacle before bribery and mutual rudeness.

Same year the cameras will be installed on many intersections and Ufa highways. These cameras will be combined into the unified automated system and will register the situations on the roads all over the city. The records will witness the cases of violations of traffic rules, crashes or if a controversial point arises.

The chief traffic police inspector reports the police will receive 24 million rubles for reequipping according to the federal goal-oriented program, 15 million – from Ufa budget and Republican budget will allocate 500 million rubles.

At present time just about 100 recording cameras are installed on the Republican roads. 59 cameras work in Ufa.