07 April 2011, Thursday, 16:18

Bashkir deputies intend to ask State Duma to toughen penalties for arrears of wages

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

The deputies of Bashkiria suggest that the responsibility of employers for untimely wage payment should be toughened. In the nearest future Bashkir parliamentarians intend to urge Russian State Duma to introduce corresponding amendments to the Russian Code about administrative violations of the law.

In opinion of the deputies the size of the administrative penalty for natural persons should be increased from 1000-5000 rubles (at present time) to 5000-10000 and for legal persons – from 30-50 thousand rubles to 60-80 thousand.

“Even if the employer holds payment of wages back because of some objective reasons, people have nothing to do with his problems and must have something to live on” – the chairman of the State Council committee on budget, finances and property RB Leo Bakusov believes. He is found in the staff of the workgroup, responsible for monitoring the situation in the local labor market. Since the beginning of this year the arrears of wages went down in the region, making up 85,4 million rubles at present time, i.e. almost 20 million less than it was in February. At the same time the average wage in Bashkiria is not high, less than 20 thousand rubles and the level of unemployment is on the contrary high enough. According to official information there are about 40 thousand unemployed in the Republic now and real figures are at least five times higher, as Leo Bakusov said.