07 April 2011, Thursday, 15:14

The average price of one square meter of housing in Ufa in March was 45,67 thousand rubles

author: Rasul Hamidullin

Ufa has held the 32nd place in the rate of realty prices in March, made by the National Budget Pricing and Cost Engineering Association (NASI).

The NASI monitoring takes the prices on realty both in the resale market and in the newly-erected buildings into account.

The rise of realty prices has occurred in 19 regions of 34, included into the list. Krasnoyarsk (+2,1%), Rostov-on-Don (+1,9%), Ivanovo and Novokuznetsk (+1,7%) are the leaders by the rise of realty prices in March. In 13 regions the rise of prices was less than 0,5%. The price-cutting on realty by 0,5% and more was registered in Saratov (-1,2%) and Yaroslavl (-0,5%) in March.

According to NASI information the average realty price in Ufa has made up 45,67 thousand rubles for one square meter in March. For the last month the prices went up by 0,8% and since the beginning of the year – by 2,6%.

The general amplitude of realty price changes in March has reduced, as compared with February, and that proves the situation in the realty market is stable. The insignificant rise of prices is the “compensating” one, i.e. it goes behind the general rise of prices and reflects certain external economic negative tendencies.

themes: realty, prices