07 April 2011, Thursday, 14:14

The next to last volume of “Bashkir Encyclopedia” is issued in Ufa

author: Lubov Kolokolova

The regular 6th volume of the “Bashkir Encyclopedia”, including more than 2400 articles on different branches of knowledge about the region (about 530 bibliographic articles plus 400 illustrations), is issued in Ufa. More than 700 authors participated in preparation of the volume – leading scientists, specialists of local lore and intellectuals. By the end of this year the publishing house intends to finish its work over “Bashkir Encyclopedia”, preparing the last 7th volume, and also over the thematic encyclopedia “Military History of Bashkirs”.

At present time the publishing house is working over the multi-volume “Bashkir Encyclopedia” in Bashkir language and the encyclopedia “Mustai Karim”. Besides, its specialists prepare the projects of “Short Bashkir Encyclopedia” and he encyclopedia “Nations of Bashkortostan”.