07 April 2011, Thursday, 11:41

Federal Migration Service in Bashkiria searches for illegal migrants

author: Olga Murtazina

The Federal Migration Service in Republic of Bashkortostan started the operation “Illegal Migrant”. Certain inflow of migrants is traditionallyobserved in Bashkiria in spring on the eve of the summer season. People come here searching for jobs, which they mainly found on out-of-town building sites.

“For four days we’ve disclosed about 300 violations of the stay mode, almost 200 cases of illegal use of foreign labor force and more than 650 other administrative violations. 24 foreign citizens were expelled and one criminal case for fake of the migration card was instituted” – the employee of the Federal Migration Service in RB Ekaterina Lavrentieva reported.

The operation “Illegal Migrant” is going on. The employees of the Federal Migration Service check the employers, hiring foreigners, and visit the places of guest workers’ residence.