06 April 2011, Wednesday, 17:14

Bashkiria holds the first place in Russia by horse livestock

author: Timur Rakhmatullin

Bashkiria holds the first place in Russia by livestock of horses, the deputy Minister of agriculture RB Azat Ziganshin reported at the last meeting of the State Council committee on agriculture, ecology and nature management RB.

“Our Republic holds the first place in the country by livestock of horses” – he stated – “There are 129 thousand horses in Bashkiria and Yakutia goes slightly behind. The livestock in the neighboring regions is much lower: 36 thousand horses in Chelyabinsk region and 32 thousand – in Tatarstan”.

At the same time the chairman of the committee Franis Saifullin said that in 1990 Bashkiria had 190 thousand horses. The livestock of horses in the Republic steadily goes down and in the future Yakutia has all chances to outdistance our Republic.