06 April 2011, Wednesday, 10:59

Works of Bashkir masters were highly appreciated in Moscow

author: Galina Bakhshieva

The masters of the Bashkir arts and crafts factory “AGIDEL” have again surprised the exacting Moscow audience, presenting their works at the X arts and crafts fair “The Boat-2011 – Spring Fantasy”.

The wife of the Prime-Minister of Turkey Emine Erdogan has become a VIP-guest of “AGIDEL” exposition in the very first day of the fair. She has highly appreciated the works of the Bashkir needlewomen.

“For the first time we’ve presented the collection of summer clothing, made of natural cloths and decorated in the techniques of cold and knot batik. Our works, made of linden and in the technique of wetting, imitating the natural Ural stones – jasper, malachite and lapis lazuli have created great impression on the foreign guests” – the factory’s employee Renata Baiguzina said.